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Hätä-Miikan mukaan nyt ollaan oikeilla jäljillä: Heimosta lähdettiin tekemän sellaista meidän näköistä oodia ystävyydelle.Etkä pästä mua irti, joo, mun murot sanoo riks raks poks kun sä pidät kiinni.Miten räppärit, hätä-Miikka (Miikka Niiranen Päkä (Pekka Salminen Thube Hefner (Tuomas Pietikäinen) ja..
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Borderlands pre sequel luneshine bonuses

Frost: Successfully complete the Level 5 "Death From Above" challenge.
Run pass the hovering platform, and jump down to the area below.
It's Raining Cats and Hotdogs (Bronze Completed a round using the Mutator).
3 Golden Keys: C55BT-rktf5-9ftkj-zbktb-rtwkb (Expires: Unknown) 3 Golden Keys: wckt3-5WB65-hrbcj-sbwjt-jkxx9 (Expires: Unknown) 3 Golden Keys: CKC3T-jcjfw-9X3WB-9JKJ3-9R99H (Expires: Unknown) 3 Golden Keys: 5wktb-SJ3XC-96JKT-Z3533-5B93H (Expires: Unknown) 3 Golden Keys: 5CC3J-6WCJ5-B935J-SBK3J-J95H3 (Expires: Unknown) 3 Golden Keys: KCK3B-6JXB5-9RT5B-ZTC3J-szjsf (Expires: Unknown) 5 Golden Keys: KW53T-999RR-9jfkt-9jktb-BSS6X (Expires: Unknown) 5 Golden Keys.(Bronze Killed 10 SpyBugs before they took your photo.1.2 Added Moonstone Auto Pick Up Changed EOS Fast Travel to be Two Way Buffed Excalibastard to 200 Mellee Dmg (itreaking excalibur).1 Fixed a bug with badass Torks.Lunar Knight: Random prize from the Vending Machine.Smash and Not Grab (Bronze Destroyed the Tassiter Proxy.Buff cocktails Enter Moxxi's forza disable vip bonus Bar in Concordia.Space Pirate: Successfully complete the "Cleanliness Uprising" optional side mission in the Hyperion Hub Of Heroism, from R-0513.This glitch works best with multiple players so you can have more people killing the Scavs to prevent the turrets from killing them.#RK5 LootPool Is Bugged and thus Cannot be used.Then, use the "Duplicating weapons and items" glitch to duplicate as many purple and "Kiwk-Smart Thingy" legendary weapons as desired, and return to Concordia.Play through the main missions until you reach the "Titan Industry Factory" mission.
It was bugged at 0 at all Levels and Rarities.
To do this glitch online, use the "Duplicating weapons and items" glitch.
One-Eyed: Successfully compete "The Voyage Of Captain Chef" optional side mission in Triton Flats.
Random purple weapon: Three random blue weapons.Life Support: Random drop from RedBelly.8 Buffed Excalibastard Melee DMG to 200 (will Nerf it to 100 if feedback is given to be to OP from my testings it did fine.) 9 Hammer Buster A Better Spingun, A true successor to the original 10 Fatale in all elements (Be Careful.Hit The Road: Random drop from RedBelly.P4K-TP: Successfully complete the Level 5 "Death From Above" challenge.Additionally, RedBelly is the name of a venomous Australian snake.Use the hovering platform in front you to reach the platform to the left of you by riding the platform up and jumping off it before you are killed.At the end of the ledge, jump down to the narrow rocky ledge below.Easy "Moxxi's Sampler" trophy Have at least 80 Moonstones in your inventory.

Gynoid Agent: Random prize from the Vending Machine.
Now its A Poisonous Snake Gun!