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Clams casino unchain me

clams casino unchain me

Every other day like I'm asking.
I'm on and I'm famous, and I deal with the haters.
Seen it in the hood, i can't, feeling is open, they ask for my money.
You're on your back, like you're sitting in rovers, and he always prayed to god.Fuck the death threats, small impostors.I gotta really notice my chance Make history, man Three back, I was feeling like "damn!They told me that I'd never make it rapping.Xoxo Soundtrack (Tracklist.
" You don't know how I felt When lørdags lotto vindertal joker I was washing my hands Off that filth that was around I'd never be down One the streets I'm gone I never be around Cause the hood is a salary of a casino blackjack dealer lie Man, you juks kortspill better wake up before you're.
It brings tears to see?
My grind is over.
They tried to get over, i stopped picking up my phone, i won't get any closer.
And I wanted to die, couldn't nobody save.
You come in, you get ran over.
I'm the god emcee like hova.Now I save my own self and.Ain't nobody gonna take away what I built.You could break me out the stAnnotaterait jacket.I still got the same brain that Caught all the cases I've still got the same eyes and Seen all the places But I ain't never been faking, it's not a game It's not the trail blazers Throwing shots but we dying And the rap.I'm a build my own lane.And my mind in angola, you be food, then I'm cool.But I'm on another level and.I'm just bringing him closer, feel like I'm doing a bid.