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Dnd wizard bonus action

Dr369 :66 Half of the powers were listed, up to level.
Dark Moon Coven: You gain the dread presence power.
HotF :56 Bard powers Edit Bard powers, having arcane or martial power sources, are also called spells or exploits.That power is now stored and available for your use at a later time.Fabricate : Transforms raw materials into finished items.There are two bard subclasses : the original bard, an arcane leader, PH2 :66 and the skald, an arcane and martial leader.Original bards and skalds begin with cloth, leather, hide, chainmail, and light shield armor proficiencies, simple melee, longsword, scimitar, short sword, simple ranged, and military ranged weapon proficiencies, and wand implement proficiency.The resistance equals your Constitution modifier.
If you replace a spell because of gaining a level or through retraining, the previous spell vanishes from your spellbook and is replaced by the new spell.
Teleport : Instantly transports you as far as 100 miles/level.
Once per encounter as a free action, you can use the stored power by expending another unused wizard encounter attack power of its level or higher.
PH2 :67 HotF :57 Original bard Edit Key abilities : Charisma, and either Intelligence (Virtue of Cunning Wisdom (Virtue of Prescience or Constitution (Virtue of Valor) Bardic Training Edit Original bards gain Ritual Caster as a bonus feat.
Strength saving throw or be pushed 15 feet away from you in a direction following the line.Div Foresight : Sixth sense warns of impending danger.A bard with the Signs of Influence class feature gains benefits in places such as towns where bards are revered.Time Stop : You act freely for 1d41 rounds.Bladesinger class features Edit Main article: Bladesinger#Class_Features The bladesinger access Bladesinger daily powers and Bladesinger utility powers through class features at various levels, described in Bladesinger's spellbook class feature.Heroes of the Fallen Lands.

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