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Most broken set bonuses wow

most broken set bonuses wow

Here are 5 insane reactions to ninja looters in World.
Havoc DH - Chaos strike and annihilation are about 45 of Havoc's total damage, and a 10 crit to chaos strike (extra fury refund) and 10 fury generation should logically provide about 8-10 extra DPS.
Fury Warrior - Furious slash is low on single-target priority, so 2P is pretty mediocre, but extending the enrage duration for 4P provides a solid DPS boost.Enhancement Shaman - edit: Given the large number of changes to Enhancement.1.5 and the incompletion of the APLs, I'm deferring to the enhancement community numbers here.If it's always a Hand of Gul'dan it's going to be possible to roll stacked HoG's for a decent duration which is going to be rediculous amounts of damage, and moreso again if it still keeps giving fury.You get 4p bonus, your SW:P lasts longer.Some items were amazingly overpowered in unusual ways.Let's say all the talents provide roughly the same dps increase.This contradicts the original purpose of the new talent system to begin with and to my knownledge no other tier armor bonus does.Subtlety Rogue.8.0.9 Protector Spec 0P to 2P 2P to 4P 0P to 4P Arms Warrior.6.6.4 Fury Warrior.9.0.0 Enhancement Shaman.1.5.8 Elemental Shaman (Ascendance).4.8.4 Elemental Shaman (Icefury).7.5.4 MM Hunter.And lets be honest, demo doesn't "suck" without UVoLS.
Suddenly, SW:P is worse than the other talents.
It's unlikely that as demonology you'd drop UVoLS at any point in the rest of the expansion unless it receives a heavy nerf to the proc or proc rate.
I really enjoyed working with the.
The original Superplaya himself, Jace Hall, fights off nosy.
Decent overall bonus without any major rotation changes.
Outlaw Rogue - Great improvement to main gauche procs, although this benefit decreases largest poker winnings depending on how much mastery you have.
Top 10 most overpowered specs in WoW.How I killed an entire WoW Guild fuck 'em.Edit: The 4P and 2P bonuses have been swapped, and the battle cry duration nerfed.My time as a WoW Gamemaster.Assassination Rogue - Another simple buff to core abilities, with an additional bleed effect for 4P synergy.This list focuses on the videos that influenced the community and future.I am not an expert on every single class, so if I have made a mistake, please let me know in the comments below!I decided to make this video because the server is now retired.Demo Warlock - Doom ticks do not provide enough shards for a significant 2P DPS boost, but a 33 boost to Dreadstalker damage is nice for.In a 90 second window, 14 casts of AM will reduce evocation cooldown by 28 seconds, which is not nearly enough for a second "burn" phase.THE best WOW PVP player tries PVE first time ever I step my foot into a was a lovely adventure as you might of have guessed subscribe for more awesome videos.This is the worst set bonus in protector.

4P still provides a sizable DPS increase, but possibly a worse stat distribution.
Edit: Breath of Sindragosa is now comparable with Obliteration after the 4P nerf, but will most likely outperform with the correct stat distribution.
Unholy DK - edit: With the newest APL, Unholy set bonuses seem better as there were some issues with the old APL in consuming festering wounds.