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Pathfinder attack bonus on weapons

Leather: If you stumble on a suit of enhanced leather armor, feel free to upgrade.
Equal Opportunity (Ex You effectively get two attacks on an attack of opportunity, which is absolutely fantastic.
Unfortunately your AC will only 18 at level 1 (19 if you're small but with decent Constitution you should be able to take a few hits.
I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks.Kukri: Like a small scimitar, the Kukri is has 18-20 crits, but doesn't impose the attack penalty for using two medium-sized weapons.Critical Mastery: You absolutely need this if you want to use critical feats.So muchin this game doesn't seem to me to be explained properly or well.Trade in Adaptability for Ancestral Arms to get proficiency with the Falcata or Sawtooth Sabre if you plan to use them.Greater Two-Weapon Fighting: More attacks, more damage.Hammer the Gap: The biggest advantage of Two-Weapon Fighting is getting a lot of attacks.Magic Items Weapons Bloodletting Kukri (6,308 gp Kukris are a great choice for the Two-Weapon Warrior.Multiclassing and Prestige Classes The Two-Weapon Warrior gets everything that it needs, and the high level abilities are very good.This adds a scaling on-hit damage bonus that will grow in effectiveness as you get more attacks.Elf: Beyond the bonus to Dexterity, the Elf offers nothing useful to the Two-Weapon Warrior.
A characters Base Attack Bonus is pretty self-explanatory: Its the total Attack Bonus theyve received from leveling up in various classes.
Armor/Shields Celestial Armor (22,400 gp Unless you have heavy armor proficiency and a Dexterity modifier of at most 5, Celestial Armor is the best armor in the game if all you need from your armor.
Like any TWF build, the Two-Weapon Warrior depends on making multiple attacks with low individual damage.
Mithral Breastplate: If you go for a build with some Strength, your Dexterity will probably be low enough that you can get away with Mithral Breastplate.
I'm new to Pathfinder but not new to RPG's.
For more, check out my Practical Guide to Celestial Armor.
Con: Like any melee character, hit points are crucial for the Two-Weapon Warrior.Jiggy wrote: lyle Crane wrote: I'm new to Pathfinder but not new to RPG's.Such as Weapon bonus objectives nagrand draenor Focus (Longsword).Deadly Defense (Ex I hope you brought combat expertise.Half-Elf: The default Half-Elf's racial bonuses are mostly useless to the Two-Weapon Warrior, but the Half-Elf has a lot of great options for alternate racial abilities, and the flexible ability bonus is always nice.Deft Doublestrike playstation plus bonus game (Ex A free disarm, sunder, or trip attempt is nice, but you're probably not built for.For example, a 6th-Level Fighter has a Base Attack Bonus of 6/1; their primary attack has a 6 Base Attack, while their second attack receives a 1 Base Attack Bonus.Making critical hits more reliable provides a massive boost to your damage, and you can retrain Critical Focus if you haven't taken any critical feats.It's unfortunate that it doesn't apply best casino diwip com to attacks of opportunity, charges, or Doublestrike, but it works when you need it most.From this point forward SRD links on t will instead link.Orange: OK options, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances.Katana: Basically a katana with a bigger damage die.Bleeding Critical: Bleed effects are mediocre, but it's still 2d6 extra damage.Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational.