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Some of the containers are being hoisted onto the empty jet.
"Chopped beef." If they hit their goal, they plan to celebrate with burgers.
If it's not secure, it won't fly.A crew pushes it over the jet's rolling-ball floor, and for the first time, the yellow vests glowing on sjekke lotto saldo på nett the dark ramp halt.At 9:42.m., it sinks back down, away from the plane.The Atlanta air division manager shakes his head.Sometimes they carry something special, like live whales wow shaman enhancement best in slot or terra-cotta figures; most nights it's mail, flowers, floor samples, lobsters whatever comes in from Atlanta's workday and has to be somewhere fast.So at 9:50, the captain's paperwork is validated, and the door is shut.It takes this team 45 minutes to load an A300 scheduled to depart at 9:56.m.
Packages are tagged, secured, weighed and collected in massive containers designed for the 757s, A300 and monster MD-11 that UPS is flying tonight.
"Steak they reply in unison before bursting into laughter.
In this case, the bottom of the container popped out just enough that it couldn't be locked into place.
"What is steak?" he casino plex askgamblers asks.
He had to make the call, and he decided this container could catch a later flight.
It's a small operation compared to the hub in Kentucky, but the pressure is real.
One down, three.At 10:31, the second flight pushes back, and a little brown truck from somewhere in Atlanta whips into the facility.The captain realizes paperwork needs to be revalidated.Frank asks his crew members what they'd like to grill.One by one, they're locked into place.At 9:39.m., the final topside container heads.

His starting call is the cue: Dozens of workers in yellow vests begin to zip between planes.