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Witcher 3 set bonuses

Recommended Mod: This mod lowers the 6 piece bonus to 4 so you can freely use whatever swords you want with your armor.
Damage and Armour Ratings, now comes the first big difference across the schools.
Adds the grandmaster set bonuses to all tiers of witcher gear in new game plus.Griffin swords (both steel and silver) offer bonuses to spells (Signs) and later in the upgrade path (mastercrafted) bonuses to critical damage.Feline Steel and Silver swords come with bonuses for Chance of Bleeding and Buff Chance.Manticore school witcher gear, required Level: 40, gEAR SET bonuses 3 Pieces: Critical Hit chance and damage is applied to bombs.Critical Damage bonuses are also rewarded on the upgraded (superior and mastercrafted) versions.They come with bonuses for Focus gain and huge bonuses for Critical Damage (75 for a mastercrafted sword).Ursine Chest Armour (mastercrafted) - 190.Several notes are tacked to the back wall.6 of 6 Equipped: Back-attacks do 25 damage and stun.Enter the submerged cave entrance.Depending on your character preference (Abilities, Signs, Alchemy) you may prefer to use weapons and armour with perks that compliment your characters setup.
Manticore Boots and Trousers edit Follow the third clue and it will lead you to the temple of Lebioda, in the north-west corner of Toussaint.
Manticore Silver Sword: On the shores west of the central city, travel along the shore south of the Palace Gardens.
Grandmaster Griffin Witcher Set Diagram Locations Griffin Steel Sword Griffin Gauntlets (Medium) Griffin Boots (Medium Explore the ruins of Fort Hussar on the far eastern hills of the region.After the next tunnel, you will "see" a group of beggars.The Focus gain in particular will enable Adrenaline Points to increase svensk whist kortspil both weapon damage and Sign intensity - so the longer the battle goes on the greater your punishment against the opponent.Grandmaster Manticore Set Bonuses: 3 of 6 Equipped: Critical chance and damage bonus buffs applies to Bombs.Unlike the Cat and Griffin school, the Ursine armour offers no additional protection against Elemental damage but is well compensated with its base Armour protection rating and all round melee attack bonuses.